Monday, 18 May 2009

Cool Cat

I spent half a day feeling guilty for spending Sunday evening relaxing instead of doing all the stuff I have to do before going to Kiev. I had a fabulous evening, no doubt about that!!! But somehow I felt like I didn’t deserve it. And now I am sitting here and cannot really find many urgent things to do. All the stuff that can wait, or doesn’t really have to be done at all. I guess I need to make a list to see what has to be done, so I don’t have to stress about it all day long.

I was shopping at Cool Cat today (their super sale). I have a pair of jeans, two belts, a singlet, a shirt and a very-very daring black top. I was looking for something I would be able to wear to one of those salsa evenings I go to. Usually I feel way too conservative when I come there. I needed something that screams for attention. Well, I sure found it! Now I just have to wait for some good warm weather, because the top is definitely not made to keep you warm in the winter. You know what I mean. ;)

I keep on thinking about ways of expressing yourself. I have some ideas. I just need to take time to work them out. Oh yeah, time! Where do I get that?! I know it will be easier if I start. I will try to write on the plane to Kiev and see where it brings me.

Trivia: I got this from Aad today :D
Shall I abandon this trivia thing altogether?

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  1. why would you drop the trivia part? Its good to know stuff like when you write your first blog drunk ;)


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