Thursday, 30 April 2009

My Koninginnenach and ways of expressing yourself

My Koninginnenach ended at 23:10! Because my friends are old or lazy or I don’t know what else. And I didn’t feel comfortable on the streets on my own. So I’ve seen two or three songs by Garland Jeffreys, half a song by So What and a song by Simon McBride. That’s it. I was home before midnight!

I was still hungry for music when I got home, so I searched and discovered this:

Feist - Sealion Woman

Feist has more nice songs, you should check them out!

And while searching for new music I was thinking of ways people express themselves and let their emotions out. Music, visual arts, literature… Can people express their feelings in every profession without being a musician, an artist or a writer? If I am sad and broken-hearted can I write a project plan that tells other people how I feel? Is it possible to write a love story or a thriller in a form of a project plan? I will think more about that. Making music and drawing are definitely not my strong points. Writing seems to be the only way for me to let the pressure out. I haven’t used it much until I’ve started this blog. I still have to learn to make it work.

Trivia: I’ve spent two years learning to play guitar when I was a child. Not much success.


  1. If you need a Garland Jeffreys fix, he has a bunch of great videos on YouTube - Matador, Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll, The Answer, 96 Tears.....

  2. Jeffreys' YouTube channel is

  3. Yeah, I haven't figured out which yet. I'll stick to old - it's not their fault! (I can only blame myself for having lazy friends)


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