Thursday, 7 May 2009

Corneal abrasion

This morning I accidentally scratched my left eye with pincers. Yes! Pain! I spent the rest of the day crying (because of the eye irritation and because I felt sorry for myself), sleeping (because at first I could not do anything else anyway) and fighting with XL EasyGantt (which is a whole different story). The latter did not bring me far, which means I will have to catch up on Saturday. The eye does not hurt when I stare out in front of myself, which makes it sort of suitable for computer work. Although I never thought that staring at your screen without blinking can be so tiring.

I did not go to the doctor because the eye looks normal (not damaged) and I can see well. It should be just a matter of time, but I think I will visit a doctor anyway if I wakeup with the same pain tomorrow. I really hope my eye recovers by tomorrow because I am very tired of the pain, have a lot of work to do and really want to be able to dance tomorrow night.

This is how my eyes look like now:

Trivia: I never needed glasses or contact lenses. Up until now anyway… Fingers crossed!


  1. Ah, well you know much about glasses already :)

  2. Well, I cannot afford those yet, so I'd better keep my eyes safe!


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