Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Lingerie sets

Yeah, they look nice. But what’s the point? If the bra from a set fits well it does not at all guarantee that pants will be comfortable and the other way around. And what am I supposed to do with such an enormous amount of bras (or such a small amount of pants)? And what to do if I am wearing white pants and a pink top? They don’t sell sets like that. Some bras are not even sold with matching pants! I really don’t get it. Could someone please explain the phenomenon of lingerie sets to me?

I am getting ready for Kiev where at this time of the year you can see underwear of many ladies on the street because they do their best to show it off. The bra colour usually matches the colour of the shoes, the bag and the nails. Watching women in Kiev is fun!

My bags are packed. I am ready. It’s 21:13 and I am ready. Tomorrow morning I will have to get up at 5:00 take a tram, a train, another train, one more train and run VERY fast to catch the plain. Wish me luck!

Trivia: I have no single lingerie set.

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