Saturday, 30 May 2009

Days of Kiev

First of all – the photo of Andrej with his VAZ 2101:
Days of Kiev are the two days (Saturday and Sunday) of the last weekend of May. We have chosen these days to celebrate our city's birthday. Kiev is about 1500 years old, it's difficult to pinpoint one day. We didn't use Julian calendar back then anyway. ;) It used to be a huge happening with numerous festivities all over the city. This year it seems to be limited to the traditional artists' market on Andreevskij spusk in the old part of the city and Kreschatik (the central street of Kiev) in the centre. I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary anywhere else. Crisis?

The artists' market is getting worse every year. There are too few original things, too much humdrum. I was determined to buy all jewellery I liked (if I could afford it). I bought one pendant, one necklace and a ring. That's it! There where only two or three things I liked but couldn't afford. For the rest – there was a lot of jewellery, but hardly any original pieces. That's sad… I used to buy seven to ten items and be upset because I couldn't afford more.

Trivia: I am usually prepared to spend about 200 euro for jewellery on the artists' market in Kiev.


  1. Well Happy Birthday Kiev! Jewelry is a nice thing to buy, sounds like you're really interested it in. I'm assuming it's homemade jewelry? Since it comes from artists? I like your blog, so I've decided to follow it.


  2. Welcome! Yes, it's supposed to be artisan jewellery, but there is too much Chinese humdrum nowadays :(

  3. Aw, I see. Well, the dye hurt my head because it was bleach. Bleach is not good for the skin, and it irritates it severely. I guess because of all the chemicals in it. Thanks for the comment!


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