Monday, 4 May 2009

Bachata and the best travel information service

So, about that party last night. It’s a Mexican restaurant in Scheveningen (yes, De Boulevard, of course) – Chicoleo. Every Saturday they have a party where you can dance salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia and more Latin dances I don’t even know. I am a big fan of their DJ now (what is his name?). He mixes music, sings, does a little percussion and dances! You should go there at least once just to watch him. We came there to dance and it was absolutely fantastic! We wanted to practice some salsa, but they played a lot of bachata so we danced that too. You probably know bachata from Aventura:

Side effects of such a party: tired legs (mine are still tired), sore muscles in legs and hips (none in my case!), your body is confused (mine is, I am not used to party till 3:00). I will certainly be happy to repeat this!

And today (or actually yesterday) I woke up, had my brunch, dressed up and went to Brussels for J’s birthday party. It was very nice to visit him at his place in Brussels (I know, it’s a shame I haven’t done it up until now) and meet some old friends and some very nice new people. If I met one good friend at each party I go to, I’d be rich beyond my dreams even though I don’t go to so many parties. Anyway, this party was certainly worth going to!

Two tips: if you are in Brussels and you feel like pizza - go to Mama Roma and when you are on the road and need some travel advise and information - call J (provided you have his number and are a close friend)!

Trivia: I started taking dancing classes around 2003.

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