Thursday, 21 May 2009

So far so good

First of all: my sincere apologies to Jaap whom I woke up at 6:00 today because I needed a taxi but didn't have the number. That's because I checked the tram schedule the day before and found out at the tram stop that HTM has given me wrong information! Jaap, I owe you!

I had only 3,5 hours of sleep last night, but didn't dare to sleep on the train, because missing Köln was not an option. I entertained myself by looking and listening to people around me. Beside me a ten-year-old boy travelling with his father:
Father: Mia? I don't know Mia, do I?
Son: Yes, you do. You know Mia.
Father: Oooh, yes, Mia is your big love, isn't she?
Son: Yes.
Father: I thought her name was Chica.
Son: No, Chica is Nina's dog!
Father: Ow.

At the airport I bought an issue of Vogue Hommes International. I don't think it's meant for men because it's all about men with loads of very nice pictures. It has Keanu Reeves on the cover, I couldn't resist!

One disadvantage of cheap airlines is that people who take them don't have much money. And people flying cheap to Kiev are more like normal people. They don't buy the whole duty free and don't wear high heels. But in Kiev I've had my fun while waiting in line for passport control. Why on Earth would you want to travel on 10cm high heels? The passport control officials in Kiev were wearing masks! Which meant they had to repeat every question twice. ;)

We were stuck in traffic jams twice, so by the time we got home it was already half past five local time. I did not go out anymore. I just had some food, took a nap, had some more food and now I am going to bed again. My busy programme is starting from tomorrow, so I need a really good rest.

Trivia: I cannot fly without travel pills.

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