Monday, 11 May 2009

Ideal man

I have a new haircut. Now my hair is even shorter than it was in February. Usually when I get a short haircut I immediately decide I want to have long hair. But now I wasn’t ready for long hair yet, so here’s the result:
The hair on the back of the head is very-very short. I keep on touching it because it gives this very soft sensation for both my head and my hand. :)

I went dancing tonight and my dance partner (yes, the partner) didn't notice my hair changed. A real man. A real man who can dance. And if there are real men who can dance, does it prove there is a chance ideal men exist? An ideal man should be able to dance (amongst many other things) AND notice a new hairdo, obviously.

Trivia: when I was a kid I always had very short hair.


  1. There was once this famous artist, she had a bold head (without any trace of hair) ...
    Any idea for next time ?

  2. Well, I might! Although, I think I am a little too old for that...


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