Thursday, 14 May 2009


I forgot to set my alarm clock and woke up at 10:15 which is way to late. This is not surprising as I stayed up till 3:00 in the morning because I was making a necklace for a challenge in a beading magazine. (Speaking of challenges, I would really appreciate if you could go here: and vote for nr.7, thanks!)

I have brought some beads to a customer of mine, bought an Ultimate Repairing Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for my mother and foundation for myself, picked up my clothes from the tailor, met a friend and we went back to my place to assemble the couch. He also helped fixing the lamp in the bathroom. After that I have finished the necklace, photographed it and made some adjustments to the photograph afterwards.

I did some work for Versteegh (just finished that up), cooked and ate dinner somewhere in-between work and had some chat conversations. I still have to process some of the things we discussed. I’m not entirely sure I wanted the conversation go the way it went. Anyway, that’s done now, I might as well use the information.

I am rather tired and a little stressed because I have to take care of too many things in a too short period of time. That’s why this post is so uninspiring, I am sorry.

Trivia: I manage to do more things when I’m under stress.

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