Monday, 11 May 2009

Ideal man 2

OK, I know what an ideal man is like. He is very-very nice, very-very funny, looks good, is always there to help, but is never obtrusive. He is smart and well educated, loves literature, music and many other things and is curious about everything new. He practices sports and has no overweight. He is open-minded and has a lot of respect for everyone. He makes loads of compliments and is supportive beyond my wildest dreams. He is ambitious, knows how to get what he wants and goes for it. And I know this man exists, because I personally know him! Please don’t ask me where the catch is, I won’t tell you!

I went to IKEA today to get a new hinge for my guest couch/sofa. I have used some of my girl power to take the couch apart and take the broken part out so I could replace it with a new one. When I unpacked the new hinge at home, I saw that they completely changed the mechanism. This means I have to replace both hinges! Luckily the hinges are sold as a set of two, so I don’t have to go to IKEA for the second one. But it seems my girl power has limits: I did not manage to remove the old one, so I will need to cry for help. This was so discouraging, that I did not even bother to try replacing the broken light bulb in the bathroom.

Trentemöller - Moan

Trivia: I enjoy assembling furniture.

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  1. So, its good to read I am not the perfect man ... at least it leaves me with a lot to learn :) :)


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