Sunday, 29 July 2012


As you can see from the cold deadly silence on this blog there are forces that can keep me from blogging. Apparently apartments move during pregnancy is a very bad combination. Add some extra (administrative) procedures due to childbirth and the visit of my parents and voilà – no time or energy for a blog. Things that bother me most at the moment (in that particular order):
  1. Hormones. 
  2. Heartburn. 
  3. Regularly failing internet connection. 
  4. Hormones. 
  5. Never ending moving boxes. 
  6. Heartburn. 
  7. Lack of space. 
  8. Hormones. 
  9. Total lack of concentration. 
  10. Heartburn. 
  11. Too many stairs inside the house. 
  12. Hormones. 
  13. Stress from pressing administrative procedures. 
  14. Heartburn. 
  15. Hormones.
And the nesting instinct hasn’t even kicked in yet! On the bright side: I can still tie my laces and take care of my toe nails. 

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