Sunday, 10 May 2009

Eurovision confusion

I tried to escape all the Eurovision previews so I would be able to watch the finals completely unprejudiced. And then someone has sent me a link to the Google Eurovision 2009 “predictor” gadget. So here I am: totally up to date!

It seems ‘confusion’ is the keyword this year. Hadise from Turkey is confused about her heartbeat, I hope she manages to survive the contest! Alexander Rybak is confused about his roots: Russian? Norwegian? Jewish? The boy is cute though. :) Sakis Rouvas (Greece) thinks he is Ricky Martin: looks like him, moves like him, sings like him, or at least he tries… What’s the matter with the Ukrainian entry Svetlana Loboda? Be My Valentine? Hello, it’s May, you’re three months too late! And: ‘anticrisis girl’? Politics are not allowed, so let’s do some economics? And why is there so much blood? Malena Ernman, the Swedish participant, cannot make up her mind: do I want to sing opera or pop? Hmmm, I can’t decide, let’s do both! Soraya is from Spain, but looks like she’s from Finland and her music sounds like she’s from Turkey. The German entry: Alex swings, Oskar sings... Oskar sings all right, but I haven’t seen Alex swing. Israel decided to confuse everyone: Noa and Mira Awad sing in Hebrew, but do have a refrain in English which really makes you wonder what the rest of the song is about. There must be another way, indeed! The Toppers from the Netherlands are heading for the bottom! But the most confused is Anastasia Prikhodko: am I Russian or Ukrainian? Maybe, if I sing in two languages, people can choose themselves? Or is she trying to compensate for the fact that Ukrainian entry is in English? 16th is going to be fun!

Trivia: I have watched Eurovision three or four times before.


  1. At least we have an entry with a guy without confusion, making reasonably sure we will not enter the final :) No politics in songs, but for the rest ...

  2. Yeah, they must be very scared in Moscow! But then again: if Gordon quits, there are two more guys to do the job...


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