Friday, 15 May 2009

Super bijoux sale and reliability of horoscopes

There is a big sale at Versteegh. Bijoux, bags, sunglasses, scarves and gloves are all 50% off their wholesale price. It starts on Monday, 18 May, 13:30 and ends on Friday, 22 May. You can come by if you are interested, the address is Bergveste 4, Houten. And just across the street Cool Cat is having their sale from 19 to 22 May. You won’t be coming for nothing.

The employees were allowed to start shopping today, so I went down to see whether I can find something. I went into the room and out again. I just couldn’t be in one room with SO MANY different jewellery pieces. It took me some time to concentrate. I have a bag (or two), several necklaces, fancy gloves for a friend and some other stuff. I don’t even remember what I have, I still have to pay for it, so it’s still in Houten. I am afraid I won’t be able to sleep tonight, because all these shiny and colourful things are still dancing in my head.

Usually I can recognise myself in a horoscope description for a Lion. I assume other people can recognise themselves in horoscope descriptions for their sign. Which means I can use horoscope to get an impression of somebody’s personality. Today, however, I talked to someone who did not recognise themselves in the description of their sign. Where does it leave me? I had to look a little more and found another description which fitted much better. I guess from now on I will have to put more effort in horoscopes research if I want to use them as a source of information.

I want this for my birthday -->
(Girlie Tee, size S, any colour)

Trivia: I am a Lion and a Tiger.


  1. I´m a spider and a snail :-)

  2. Snail is not a sign either! I am really slow today!


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