Saturday, 16 May 2009


Bitter: This has probably been on the news, but I missed it and found out only today: Wim Koole has passed away on 12 April. I have just heard about it today from a friend. I have met Wim only once at his place. I wanted to change my life completely and wanted to make and direct films. He has given me some advice and encouragement and we had some contact afterwards. He certainly was an extraordinary man. So warm and supportive with a truly loving heart. It’s a pity he’s gone now. We need more of people like him on this planet, not less…

Sweet: Vovka is getting married! Oh, I am so very-very happy for him! I am happy he has finally found the love of his life and happy she said ‘yes’. Oh, yes, I have forgotten to introduce him to you! Vovka is my little cousin. He will be writing for this blog every once in a while, but that’s a whole different story. I’ll introduce him properly very soon.

So this was my bitter-sweet day and I am looking forward to driving a BMW Z4!

Trivia: I had the pleasure to meet three generations of the Koole men.

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