Friday, 29 May 2009


This year's classmates meeting was different. Last year I was home by midnight, because everybody went home early. We are not 15 anymore, people have partners and kids. But yesterday several people have somehow managed to disregard their family duties and I was home by 2:30 too drunk and tired to write. Now i am loaded with positive energy, I was really happy to see them all! :)

I had a lift from Andrej in his orange VAZ 2101 from 1980! You don't see many of those cars on the streets anymore and riding in it is a pure exotic adventure. ;) I've made a picture of it with Jan's camera. I'll post it as soon as I retrieve the pictures from Jan (hopefully today).

I noticed that almost all of my classmate girls were wearing a golden chain with a relatively massive golden cross on their neck. Seeing al those crosses is weird given the fact that we all had the same anti-religious education. Also the fact that a woman would want to wear the same golden chain with the same golden pendant every day is rather strange to me. I like to choose my jewellery according to my outfit every day.

My new shoes from Moscow.

Trivia: I left the School #41 in 1989.


  1. 1) fashionable shoes!! Beautiful ;-)
    2) AH! Lada VAZ2101 = FIAT 124 Great cars ;-)

  2. Great shoes; like them very much

  3. I bet you would have bought them too if you were there ;)


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