Sunday, 17 May 2009

I’m in love with a fairytale!

ESC2009FWEP was a REAL success! I’ve been cooking and preparing the house for the party all day and was already pretty tired by the time the first guests arrived. But once the guests arrived I hardly had to do anything anymore. Special thanks to Jeroen, who took care of the BBQ and John who arranged snacks and drinks. So I was able to watch the contest with the rest of the guests.

The show was getting better with every new bottle of vodka. There were 15 people and everyone put in 1 euro and placed a bid. Here are the winners:
Lena, Niels and Sasja are In Love with a Fairytale and winning EUR10

Lijnie has won EUR 3 by bidding on Iceland (young girl in a blue dress)

Bas and Jeroen have shared EUR 2 by bidding on Turkey

I have received about 15 bottles of wine and flowers from Niels (Thanks! They are lovely!). Mateja brought a home baked apple pie (delicious!) and my house is a mess right now. :) We have managed to finish some 8 bottles of vodka (I didn’t count bier and wine). 7 of the 15 are still in my kitchen now chatting, eating ice-cream, finishing the last bottle of vodka and singing. I wonder what my neighbours think now as they obviously cannot sleep.

Trivia: this is the first blog post I write while being drunk (yeah, I did my vodka duty too!)


  1. Some 8 bottles, it was old fashion terrible great ;)
    I will deny anything and everything.
    When will be the next one :):):)

  2. At times it felt more like the Sasja's stock of vodka emptying experience. And don't underestimate the 1.5 kg. of cucumbers we managed to get red of.

    The next one? In 2010 I guess :)

  3. Well, now I have so much wine... ;)


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