Tuesday, 12 May 2009

What to read and how to treat a bleeding nose

This is one of those times I really NEED my mother. She has this miraculous ability to KNOW what you want to read at any given moment. When I was living with my parents I would ask her “What shall I read?” and she would give me a book that would perfectly suit my mood. She will give me some books when I’m in Kiev. But I’d like to read something now and there is nobody who can tell me which book I should take.

The summer has started. At least on my street. The kids were asking me the whole winter when we would start watering the plants again and I told them we would start in the summer. And today we had to do it because the ground was really dry and there was no way for me to escape. ;) The summer season is officially open now!

I was chatting to my danc.. oh hell, he’s called Remie, I am tired of describing him as my dancing partner all the time. Anyway, he’d had a bleeding nose while we were chatting and asked me how to stop that. I gave him some advice and luckily the bleeding stopped long before he had a chance to follow any of that! Because according to this video you are supposed to do almost exactly the opposite. I nearly killed him!

How to Treat a Bleeding Nose

Trivia: I lived with my parents until the age of 23, after that I moved to the Netherlands.


  1. You never can kill a guy with a bleeding nose ;)
    Give this guy a tampon ... and all trouble will be over..

    btw, in this case many ways can lead to Rome. Not only the ladies version can be usefull :)
    In lesser cases, even toiletpaper can help..
    Please, do not forget to get it out in time :)

    (This is no medical advise, there are no guarantees this will work, I cannot be held responsible for wrongdoing, etc .. hell ... you try it, just on your own risk (rofl))..

  2. Is this what they teach you in BHV-cursus? I'll make sure Remie gets this valuable advice!

  3. Nope, in my BHV-cursus they would tell me ..
    If he falls down because of an enormous loss of blood .. as long as he is breathing, make him comfortable and call the medic ;)
    Unfortunally, what I did learn is that - unless something is really wrong - its near to imposible to die from a nose-bleed. A girl is loosing more each month than a nose-bleed will cost ;)

    ps the tampon is a realy used system for first aid. I learned it from a medical trained person :) And its even a comercial product (no I am not joking, take a look

  4. Don't worry, I am quite familiar with tampons as commercial products. Ehm, are we still talking about a nose?

  5. Have a look at the picture ... you'll be surprised and believe me .. you won't use it on other places than a nose ...

  6. Remie, see how concerned we all are!

  7. Well, as first responder its very easy to be concerned.. In all sever cases, call the emergency number .. in all light cases, call the doctor ;)

    But now, I think we should have a picture of this all ... so we can decide how sever it all was ... and than the question will be, to be concerned of not to be concerned :)

  8. You want me to post a picture of Remie's bleeding nose on the blog next time?!


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