Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Data warehousing and EDI for dummies

This morning I was doing my regular morning exercises (desperate attempts to keep my body working) and when I bent forward I saw my book shelves upside down. Suddenly I saw one book that certainly did not belong on that shelf. It appeared to be Data warehousing: the route to mass customization by Sean Kelly. I will have a look inside, it probably has some good points that I should take into account for the project! The book is not mine, my ex-boyfriend has forgotten to take it with him when he moved out. How convenient!

I was browsing through the book on the train (no koetjesrepen today) and tried to avoid using the words 'data warehousing' during our first project kick-off meeting. I was trying to use simple human language in order to maintain the contact with people. And right after the meeting I was confronted with the notion of EDI – Electronic Data Interchange (speaking of simple and human). Yes, it’s possible to spend 7 years working in IT-services and not know what EDI is. I’ve read four Wiki articles on EDI in Dutch, English, Russian and Ukrainian (the latter not being particularly useful) and now I am looking for a human being who knows the subject and is able to explain it to me in simple human language.

I can’t wait till I start describing the processes. That’s when I get real close to the jewellery (see my eyes shine). There is a styling department! I’ve never worked in a company like that.

Trivia: I've slept no more than 6 hours last night, but I still feel loads of energy in my body.

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