Friday, 3 April 2009


Salsa helps against headache. I have tested that today. It really does. But it also makes me hungry. I came out after the lesson and I needed a pljeskavica! I don’t know why. It’s been years since I ate it for the last time. I think I wanted it because I am jealous of John who is going to Belgrade in three weeks. If you know a place in The Hague where they sell pljeskavica, tell me! And remind me to get some ajvar too.

Today I saw my neighbours planting all kinds of plants in their garden and I realised that I am hopelessly behind on my garden planning! I have to plant everything within the next two weeks and I did not even decide what I want to plant yet, let alone germinated (is that the correct term?) the seeds! Sunday is going to be busy…

Trivia: I've been to Jugoslavia only once - I've visited Novi Sad in March 1999.

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