Thursday, 16 April 2009

Green vs Retaillium

My day at work was filled with Microsoft Dynamics, Retaillium (no, it has nothing to do with either Ritalin or Valium), EDI, Edicom, GS1 and more stuff like that. I’ve been through 6 hours of presentations and meetings before I lost my voice completely. I cannot get a single sound out. If my phone rings now I have a problem.

It’s funny how people reacted to the Microsoft Dynamics presentation. Everybody was really enthusiastic even though the possibilities are most of the time exactly the same as in SAP Business One (which we’ve seen on Tuesday). GUI goes a long way…

I have two meetings tomorrow and I am looking forward to them. I just really hope to get (some of) my voice back. I cannot stand the taste of Doctor Seleznev anymore. I must have had about six litres of it in the past two days! So now I am switching to another tea:

It’s too early to go to bed, so I will take a hot bath and stay in it till I’m sleepy enough.

The sun is gone, it’s been raining last night and several times today and it’s getting colder. But green is still in my mind. Should I hold on to it? I will think about it in bath. Bath = good thinking.

Trivia: my medicine stock consist mostly of painkillers to fight headaches and all kinds of stuff against cough and sore throat.

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