Saturday, 11 April 2009

Feminine, masculine and politically correct

Summer is here! All of a sudden it arrived with 25C and full sun. Everybody rushed to get plants for their gardens. We will have an Easter weekend three days long (including Monday) and gardening will help us survive while the shops are closed.

Friday is dancing day. Not only did I have a lesson today I have also stayed till 23:00 for the “free dancing”. I’ve spent three hours dancing salsa, merengue and bachata. Way better than sports! (My feet hurt.)

Free dancing was not very crowded and it seems some people come to these parties even if they cannot dance salsa at all! I’ve spotted several men and a group of women. The women were not Dutch. It was a mixed group, but I know for sure that at least one of them was Romanian. Her face, clothes and the way she danced, walked and looked said that. Back home after dancing, I was talking to John and asked him whether he knew of any book or a website about recognising the origins of people by their look. He said there was no good source because this is politically incorrect. I find it very confusing: I (and many other people who travel a lot and have good visual memory skills) can very often tell what country people are from just by looking at them. And yet there is no scientific research on this topic, because it’s politically incorrect? It’s not like you can stop me from recognising Polish people on the street by not researching this topic. This just does not make any sense.

Another observation: in masculine cultures women are more feminine than in feminine cultures. (Masculine and feminine cultures as defined by Hofstede.)

Eye candy: Sunset in The Hague - I love Dutch skies!

Trivia: I am 163cm tall.

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