Monday, 13 April 2009

Charlemagne, tarot and lots of tea

I still have a cold and don’t feel fit at all. This prevented me from baking an Easter bread or decorating eggs. I have spent my day collecting energy for tonight’s games evening which was a success as always even though Jaap is no longer a part of it.

We started around 19:00 and went on till midnight. We had the Da Vinci Code as warming up. It’s a strange game – very easy, but I’ve won so I liked it :). Jeroen and I have refused to play Settlers of Catan claiming it’s no fun without expansions. So we played Charlemagne. By the end of the game I’ve actually started to understand it and realised I could not win with the strategy I have chosen. I need to play it once more to see whether I actually like it. We’ve finished the marathon with Entdecker - Exploring New Horizons. It’s easy and fun and does not take much time nor concentration to play.

And then there was tarot. I’ve been having only one thing on my mind lately, so we went for it. I was not entirely sure what to do with the outcome so an extensive girls talk followed during which the guys had to entertain themselves with chess, beer and intelligent discussions.

Trivia: I have Settlers of Catan with an expansion, Carcassonne – the City and Travel around the World in 80 Days.

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