Sunday, 26 April 2009


Did today:
- cleaned the house (feels like I served a sentence!);
- got a TV!
- made some pastry (recipe here);
- booked tickets for four theatre plays.

In 15 days of my vacation I will do and see:
- 4 flights;
- 2 theatre plays in Moscow;
- 2 theatre plays in Kiev;
- 1 art auction in Kiev;
- 5 large book shops in Moscow;
- x art galleries and museums in Moscow;
- 1 books and CD market in Kiev;
- 1 artists market in Kiev;
- 1 meeting with classmates;
- at least 2 friends visits;
- at least 1 meeting with a friend;
- shopping for Photobeads;
- shopping for myself;
- 15 blog posts;
- work;
- some more stuff I cannot remember now.
I also would like to get some sleep while on vacation, but I might have to postpone that until I’m back in the Netherlands.

Seeqpod seems to have gone broke and unreachable, which is disastrous for my blog as most of the music I have posted so far comes from Seeqpod. I will try to replace it.

Trivia: I prefer active vacations.


  1. staat die telefoon-tandenborstel-viberator ook op de shoppingllist:

  2. Nope! Alleen kunst, cultuur, sieraden en wat kleding.


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