Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bijoux, bijoux, bijoux

The things I like about Versteegh headquarters in Houten: bijoux, bijoux, bijoux, bags, gloves, mirrors everywhere, toilets. Well, the first five points don’t need an explanation. But I’ll explain anyway: bijoux, bags and gloves are everywhere. There are also loads of fashion magazines. I get visually over stimulated every time I am in Houten. No wonder I am so tired afterwards! The fun part is that I can actually buy things that I like, which I did today ->

Another nice aspect is that there are mirrors hanging in every room of the building (except maybe for the office supplies storage room). That’s great because not only you can check your hair and make up at any moment and place, you can also try on a jewellery piece and see yourself in the nearest mirror.

So far I have discovered 7 toilets and at least five of them are marked as ladies’ :). This is very logical, because 90% of the employees are women, but it’s still quite unusual.

Don’t forget to submit your arguments to convince my friend to get rid of his moustache. Remember, there is a lunch waiting for you! Two days to go…

Trivia: I have 38 ready made necklaces and chokers + about 20 I made myself.

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