Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I’ve been thinking about silence today. They say silence speaks a thousand words. If this were true, silence would have been the greatest way of communication. But it’s not. There are so many situations when silence just doesn’t cut it. When just a few words are enough and much better than an ocean of silence. And sometimes silence is even rude because it means someone is being ignored.

My computer is running out of memory every time I use any graphic design software. So I’ve been cleaning up throwing away loads of photos I certainly don’t need. And then I found a little film I made a few years ago for my video class. We had to choose a piece of music and make a video clip using our own film material. It was fun! This is what I made:

My I-Tunes has messed up the music somehow, so the sound is not so great. Here is the composition (Yonderboi - Partie Sept) with the ‘clean’ sound:

Trivia: I enjoy making photos more than shooting a video.


  1. But it's easier to listen to yourself in silence...


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