Monday, 6 April 2009

Wasted life

Another late post. Kim and I went shopping today. We wanted to get Kim a pair of boots. But we ended up chasing something colourful for my wardrobe (after I discovered that the majority of my clothes are grey, brown and black). Kim made me try on a million red blouses and at the end I bought a purplish dress. We both got ourselves very nice silky nightgowns. Mine is blue. No shoes for Kim.

When I got home I decided to clean my apartment. Somehow I felt a need to be more thorough than usual. I’ve dusted the paintings (it was about the time – I cannot recall doing that in any near past) and even cleaned and reorganised my cutlery drawer! If you like cleaning as much as I do (Not!), watch this. Maybe you will change your attitude towards cleaning.

I love Sarah’s videos, but to me ->
(and I'd rather date a man)

Trivia: My apartment consists of four rooms, a bathroom, a toilet, a kitchen and a corridor.

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  1. Well, a very good excuse for another shoppingtrip :)


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