Thursday, 30 April 2009

Bloody Queensday

Last Sunday I have got a TV. Friends have brought it over, but I couldn't watch it because I needed a cable to receive the signal. Today some other friends have brought the cable, we switched on the TV and saw some crazy guy riding his little car full speed over the crowd, past the bus with the royal family and crashing into a fence. Five dead so far. I wonder whether getting a TV was such a good idea after all… My mother called in panic to see whether I was not of one of the people wounded. Once a boy shot his school teacher at a school in The Hague and my mother called to make sure I wasn’t injured :).

It’s just a couple of minutes before the moustache operation ends. My friend is convinced and I am curious who I am going to have lunch with. ;) I actually liked the interaction part of this operation so much that I have another challenge for you up my sleeve! Stay tuned.

I took this picture almost three years ago at the beautiful old Oud Eik en Duinen cemetery in The Hague.

Trivia: I like visiting old cemeteries.

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