Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Vitamin E and XL-EasyGantt

I’ve been craving sunflower seeds today. So I went out to the Turkish shop on the corner and got a package. (I love my scanner!) Sunflower seeds contain a lot of vitamin E which is good for your hair and nails. My theory is that my hair is screaming for help. After I cut it short in February I’ve also tried to make it blonde. I have dyed my hair three times in one week to achieve the result you can see on my profile picture. Which is not really blonde. Then I realised my hair would probably fall out before it becomes blonde if I have to dye it another three or times. That’s when I stopped. I waited for two weeks and then dyed it dark which has washed out. Now my hair is back to it’s more or less natural colour. But I guess it can use some vitamins.

I spent the day trying to put together a planning for the project I do at Versteegh. Running large projects is not Versteegh’s core business. So there is no MS Project. And this project is just too complicated to make it a simple Excel table. So I’ve been surfing around in search of a good template and found XL-EasyGantt. So far it seems to have everything I need, but I will have to see it work during the project before I can form a solid opinion about it. Ask me in two months.

Trivia: for all my IT projects I usually need MS Visio and MS Project.

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