Sunday, 26 April 2009

The end of overnight express

I have booked the tickets to Moscow. I’ve booked a flight. I never thought the time would come when I would fly from Kiev to Moscow instead of taking a night train. The price for the coach is higher than a flight by Aeroflot. It’s a pity. For me train is a part of the going-to-Moscow ritual. While you are on the train – you are nowhere. And you have about twelve hours in this nowhere. You don’t exist until you get off the train in Moscow. You will have your tea, eat your food, talk to your neighbours, play cards, read your book or newspaper. You can get out on the stations and smell the fuel oil. Or stay inside and listen how they check the brakes with their hammers, listen to the voices without bodies (because you never can see them). You can stand in the corridor staring out of the window for hours. The scenery outside contributes to the nothingness and nowhereness – trees and fields, fields and trees. Even stations tell you: “You are nowhere”. They have names all right. You can find them on the map. But I can’t help thinking they are sham. I will have a hard time accepting it’s all history now.

Anyway, now the flight is booked it’s time to think about the programme. We want to see two theatre plays while in Moscow so I was looking around for what’s on. I always thought theatre in the Netherlands was very expensive. I’ve changed my mind. Theatre in Moscow is very expensive. You do get to see the STARS, though. I will call my mother tomorrow and we will make a choice. I am very excited!

Trivia: I’ve been to Moscow more than twenty times.

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