Monday, 20 April 2009

Girl Power and THE WALL

YAY!!! I have installed my new internet connection today and it works! I had to switch from ADSL to cable (yes, I have good reasons to do so) and I did it today. At first I have tried to read all the manuals included in the box with the modem. It made me feel dizzy and I found myself in a sea of cables, papers and doubts. And then I thought: what if I just connect all the stuff with cables the way they fit, screw the manuals? So I did. And it works! Now the question is: why do they make those manuals? This is the very first time I’ve installed internet and I am very proud of my girl power. :)

Trivia: I have a magnetic wall with all kinds of stuff stuck onto it:
Inspiration: tickets from some theatre plays, films and concerts I’ve visited. These things are a great source of inspiration (in work, life, everything).

Motivation: sayings that remind me to go on and give me some energy. (“Show me the money!” works best.)

Time reminders: no, this is not my agenda. I have an electronic one. These are to have a quick look without switching to another window and sometimes I note things on them if I am on the phone or chat.

Art: some eye candy I can’t live without. The opposite, non-magnetic wall has some paintings too.

The world: I don’t really use this map to find or look up things, but I like to have the world on my wall. And sometimes I do look up things, because this map gives me a better sense of scale. The map is in Russian.

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