Thursday, 2 July 2009

A prize for all potential employers

Summer rocks! I love wearing a singlet, a short skirt and a pair of slippers. I love sitting in the sun getting brown. I love the mood on the streets. Somehow, if it’s warm and sunny enough, everybody gets slower and happier. I love bbq. We had fish today, for a change. And a salad with crème fraîche. And a Banana Sensation! And then we decided to make mojitos because we had all the ingredients.

Mojito – the perfect summer night drink
For one portion you will need: 40 ml White Rum (Bacardi works very well), 30 ml fresh lime juice (one lime is enough for two portions), 3 sprigs of mint (helps if you have it in your garden), 2 teaspoons sugar, sparkling water, crushed ice.

Muddle mint sprigs with sugar and lime juice. Add rum. Add the ice and stir gently. Put the mixture in a glass and top up with sparkling water. Delicious! And very easy.

A friend of mine said it could harm my career if I write about drinking alcohol too often. She is very sweet. This is to all my potential employers: I write about drinking on this blog every time I have a drink. Please go on and count how many times I’ve been drinking in the past three month. Send the results to If you answer this question correctly, I will send you a good book and a good CD.

Timeline: 1978, well, actually up to the moment I went to school I had very few friends. My problem was that many kids were doing things I could not comprehend. For example running for no particular reason. Or throwing and breaking things, again – for no particular reason. Or not being able to conjugate verbs in the right manner. In the latter case I never assumed they were stupid or haven’t learnt it properly. I thought I was not clever enough to understand!


  1. Try a pisco sour! A real chillian drink (or peruvean) which really goes with the summer.

  2. Can I use limes for it? I still have eight limes :)


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