Monday, 20 July 2009


-- From the Lilour website: “Applying colour to your life is difficult. That’s why grey is the most used shade. But what other people don’t know is that grey supports other colours in your life if you add a little colour to it.

Do you want to start a whole new life or does your current life need a boost but you don’t know where to start? Lilour team of stylists is always ready to help you! The Lilour stylist will have a fresh outsider’s look at your life and your wishes life wise. You will receive a professional advise on your life colours based on your lifestyle preferences and favourite activities.” --

What if we all do exactly the same and it’s our perception of life that makes it look different? What if all human interactions consist of absolutely the same elements always put in the same order and it’s only our perception again that fills in the words, meanings and reactions? This would mean we only need to change our perception to have a completely different life. This would also mean each of us is absolutely alone, living in a world of their own perception and having no idea what all the others see, hear or feel…

My Bathroom has a brand new colour and I love it! The old black is gone and the new Histor Chance (S 3040-B30G) is all over the walls. Urgently need to take a bath!

Timeline: 1983 – I became a Young Pioneer. I was one of the 7 children in my class who were allowed to enter the organisation in November 1983. All the other children were not brave enough and a mass “inauguration” followed in April 1984. I was very proud.

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