Monday, 6 July 2009


Here I am again. Waiting. Waiting for someone to do something tonight. Waiting… Are you good at waiting? When is someone good at waiting: when they are waiting patiently or when they are actually not waiting at all? I cannot wait patiently. At least not for something I want to happen very badly. And especially not for something I’m not sure will happen. Patience is not my strong point in general. And particularly when waiting. I am not even good at keeping myself busy while waiting. The more I want something to happen the more paralysed I get by the waiting process. My life slows down or even stops when I wait. If being good at waiting means being entirely consumed by it then I am certainly very good.

Maastricht was sunny, beautiful and fun. I am The IT-Girl at Versteegh. This basically means people push every device that has buttons into my hands: “Figure this out!” So, naturally, during our GPS puzzle tour through Maastricht I got the PDA. It was fun AND our group has won! We had dinner in a ball room (or at least it looked like that), but unfortunately I had to skip today’s programme because I had to be home on time to help my parents find a hotel in Germany. Luckily, after I sorted things out with my parents, I had enough time to do something outdoors. It was too cloudy for the beach, so we did a two-hour bicycle ride and spent another one and a half hours laying on the pillows of Peukie – a beach café in Scheveningen. ;)

Timeline: 1979

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