Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Banana Sensation and my new webcam

Sand. In my hair. In and around my ears. On my face and in my eyes, nose and mouth. On my shoulders, arms and in my armpits. On my chest and breasts. On my stomach and in my navel. On my back. In my bikini. On my legs, feet and between my toes. In my shoes, clothes, bag, i-pod, telephone and book. There sure was plenty of sun today, but also plenty of wind on the beach. I managed to stay for one and a half hour and then I gave up. The sand adventure was worth it – my skin has finally got a more or less healthy colour.

Enjoying the evening sun in the garden was fantastic. After we were done with the bbq Remie has made us a dessert – on the bbq. He did not have a name for it, so I have invented one: Banana Sensation. He did not allow me to share the recipe, so the only thing I can tell you is that there were bananas and rum. I also had chocolate and cinnamon in it and Remie had coconut and mint. It was sooooo delicious! Mmmmm…

I have just installed a webcam! I have already made my mother happy. Let’s see whether I can find someone else out there who’d be happy to see me. ;)

Trivia: I have never had a webcam before.

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