Monday, 13 July 2009


Why do people go to tanning salons? When it’s sunny enough you can go to the beach and when it’s not, suntan looks rather unnatural. Why didn’t they invent grass that doesn’t grow long? They already have grapes, mandarins and water melons without seeds.

All right, the main ‘why’ today is: Why do people read my blog? I have some answers now, thanks to those fourteen people who took a minute to vote!

It appears that most people (6 of 14) come here for sex! Apparently I write enough about sex to keep several people coming back for more. The only thing I don’t understand: I’ve dedicated an entire post to sex and there is no reaction at all. No comments and no ratings. Wrong kind of sex?

After sex the most important reasons for people to come back every time is my writing style (thank you, I do hope you mean this!) and all things unsaid so people can puzzle (I am preparing a very nice puzzle for you, let’s hope you’ll be able to solve it). And five of fourteen people claim to be secretly in love with me. Do you think any of them is serious? This leaves me with something to puzzle! I would have never been able to keep my feelings secret. At least secret from the object of my love.

Two people hope I will write about them. It’s not John, because he hopes I will not write about him. Who are these people? Listen, if I don’t write about you already, you might consider sending me an e-mail, I’m sure we can figure something out. ;) Otherwise consider doing something out of the ordinary so I notice you and write about you. :)

Timeline: 1981 – September 1st, my first day at school. All those kids I do not know. I don’t dare to talk to anyone. A girl with two long ponytails starts talking to me on our way to the girls’ toilet. Her name is Natasha. I am really glad she talks to me. Little do I know that she is to stay my best friend for many years to come…

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