Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Exercise in trust

A colleague at the lunch table today: “How is it going with your project?” I didn’t react at first. “Are you talking to me? What project?” – I was desperately trying to get out of my daydreams and understand what she is talking about. She was talking about THE project. It’s funny, I don’t perceive it as MY project, because I am the only one in the whole company who will NOT be affected by the results of this project.

My flexibility and patience are being tested to the limit. I am going to Kiev on Sunday and we are supposed to take a night train from Kiev to Odessa on Monday morning, stay in Odessa three nights and take a night train back on Friday. Neither the train tickets nor the hotel in Odessa is booked. And I am not allowed to intervene. I am facing a black box and it makes me curious: when will I snap? It’s a good exercise in trust: just trust everything will be ok if he says so. I am not the type for that (no, I am not a control freak, I am just well organised!). :)

Timeline: 1985 – Zimniy vecher v Gagrakh – sweet eighties!

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  1. You should tell me, the difference between a controlfreak and one who is well organised ;)


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