Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Oh no! Not again…

Shopping bijoux with my mother: first we tried on everything at Versteegh showroom in Utrecht. As a result we had a bag loaded with bijoux, bags, scarves and… lollies! Then we hit a couple of other shops on the same floor: more bijoux and a couple of sunglasses. And then we hit the town to shop for clothes.

While we were having fun in Utrecht my new cell phone was delivered. Now I have a lot of work figuring out how this thing works. I am very pleased with the camera:
(one of my new necklaces)

Timeline: 1985 – Gorbachev has started a campaign against alcohol. There was a lot of fuss about it. According to the media and rumours there were even alcohol free wedding parties. I don’t think many people went for it, though. :) An article in Wikipedia claims the birth numbers went up and the deaths went down while this law was in place. All I remember is that people were drinking Eau De Cologne (the Soviet variant of it) because it was difficult to get vodka (or because it was too expensive).

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