Friday, 31 July 2009

The Mating Game

There is very large night butterfly in my bathroom. It doesn’t seem to feel well because it crawls over the floor by the door instead of flying around the lamp. I almost woke up my parents because I screamed when I saw her (or him? How does it work there?). Now I’m afraid to go to the bathroom. :-|

I will spend two nights on a train in a luxury compartment for two. I’ve done it before, but never in (post) Soviet trains. Can’t wait!

How often do you play games when it comes to the opposite sex? Do you do it for fun or because the real thing is a little intimidating? Do you like it? I feel like I am a part of several games at the moment. I don’t know who started first, but I play along and enjoy it! I know I can get hurt, I know I might hurt someone (Oh, come on! They are all men, they sure can take care of themselves?!), but I find it too exciting and fun. Here’s an online game you can play: The Mating Game.

Bitter Sweet - The Mating Game

Timeline: late 1985 – Vovka’s sister died. She must have been just about one month old, I have no idea. My father was helping with the funeral. I stayed at home with my mother who was pregnant.

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