Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I like mist. It transfers the world around you into something different. It hides things, deforms them, forces you into here and now, because there nothing else. It was slightly misty this morning and I watched a cut-out multilayered paper 3-d landscape out of the train window. You can easily make such a landscape yourself:
Take a piece of greyish-white paper to use as a background. Then draw (or find in newspapers and magazines) and cut-out the layers. First layer: very vague, grey. Tall buildings, trees and cranes will do well in this layer. Second layer: slightly sharper and brighter than the first one. Here you can recognise (or rather guess) the colours. Trees, churches and houses are the best objects for this. Third layer: colours are not clear but clearly recognisable, objects are clearly visible. Take a road with cars large and small. Fourth layer: everything looks like a good quality photograph covered by a barely visible film of dust. Horses or cows in a field. Fifth layer: bright, clear, liberating. Grass, flowers, small bushes, poles. Now just stick the layers to the paper in the right order (start from the most distant one and move to the closest one). See? You don’t have to take a train early in the morning to enjoy such a landscape!

Today’s swirl: ice-cream - chocolate and strawberry, fruit - one spoon of cherries and three spoons of watermelon, topping - dark chocolate and mini waffles. Mmmmmmm!

I need to enable mms on my phone somehow… :-|

Timeline: 1978

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