Wednesday, 29 July 2009


We wanted to make a bbq in my garden, but got a little volcano instead. :) Banana Sensation was really good (as always). And I had to hear a thousand reasons why I should have taken that salsa vacation in Malaga or signed in for the salsa weekend in Barcelona (6 to 9 August) instead of going to Odessa for my birthday. I still think I will be spoiled rotten in Odessa (a good option for this birthday) and that wouldn’t happen in Barcelona. I do already feel nervous about a dance stop for a week, though. That’ll be tough!

I am fighting with my new cell phone, trying to put a lot of music on it. And I am very tired even though I’ve slept six hours tonight.

Timeline: late 1985 (I don’t remember the date) – Vovka’s sister, my little cousin was born. I never saw her.


  1. Als dansen het probleem is, kan ik mij niet voorstellen dat je niet kunt dansen in Odessa :) Dan kun je combineren :)

  2. Doe mij eens een salsa adresje in Odessa!


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