Friday, 24 July 2009

Who is the fool?

Once upon a time there was a Man. One afternoon Death came to his house. “You have to go with me” – she said. But the Man didn’t want to go. He wasn’t ready. “You deal with people all over the globe” – the Man said. “You’ve seen the world. Is it beautiful?”
“Yes, the world is very beautiful. There are many wonderful things out there” – answered Death.
“Have you seen the pyramids? Are they beautiful?”
“They are magnificent!”
“I cannot die before I’ve seen them” – the Man said.
“Don’t be silly, you’ve had 40 years for that!”
“Yes, but still. If you allow me to go and see them, I promise I will go with you afterwards.”
Death agreed and he travelled to see the pyramids. And when he came back he still wasn’t ready to go. He told Death he wanted to see more of the world. Every time he came back from a trip to a faraway land he asked Death for another last trip to a magnificent place. Death agreed and off he went. So he went on for many years. He became older and Death became older too. One day he realised that he is old and tired of travelling. And that there aren’t any magnificent places to see anymore. The Man looked back over the years filled with travelling. At first he was proud he managed to fool Death for such a long time. But then he suddenly saw that all this time he wasn’t travelling to see something, but to escape from Death. He’d spent his life on the run. “My life wasn’t worth living! I don’t want to live like this!” – he thought. “Hey, Death, I am ready to go now!” – he shouted. But all he got back was Silence.

Timeline: 1984 - Indira Gandhi was killed on 31 October 1984. Up until then she was on TV very regularly and I thought her name was Indi Ragandi. :)


  1. This is a beutiful little story everyone should consider en then take a look at life. I think it's funny Death is a "she" here. In most of the stories I know death is always a male character ;-)

  2. Really? Death is female in Russian :)


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