Saturday, 4 July 2009


My friends have suggested some more watermelon combinations: watermelon with salt (hmm, I will try, but not sure I will like it) and a traditional Greek combination – watermelon with feta (this one sounds very tasty).

My parents are on their way from Kiev to The Hague. They were supposed to cross the Ukrainian-Polish border today, but my father didn’t feel well and since he is the only driver in the car, they had to make a stop at a hotel some hundred km before the border. I hope tomorrow will go better, otherwise it will take five days before they get here.

I am going to Maastricht for the weekend. All employees of Versteegh (+partners) are going. Since I have no partner, I will have to share a room with a colleague. There are eight people without a partner: seven women and one man. I have tried to claim him in public during the lunch a couple of weeks ago. He said “We shall see”. The rest of our co-workers had fun! :D Anyway, a weekend in Maastricht means there will be no post on Saturday. So see you Sunday!

Some eyecandy again: summer night in Paris.

Timeline: 1979 – Because I am called Sasha and most of the time I had short hair and wore trousers, people thought I was a boy. I was used to explaining: “I am not a boy, I am a girl.” I had no problems with this.

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