Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Single and unmotivated

--“Your wife won’t notice a thing! There’s no need to tell her at all. It’s your life after all. You have a right to be happy. No side effects… No unacceptable brain damage…Take it slowly, step by step. No, I wouldn’t advise that… yes, but we cannot predict the outcome in such a case. It’s a guess… It’s your own responsibility… As you wish.”--

By 2050 almost 50% of households in the Netherlands will be one-person households. There is 50% chance I will still (or again) be single by then. Don’t smile! If you’re Dutch, you have the same chances! That is if you are still alive by then…

Motivation is an interesting phenomenon. When it’s there it makes you move a mountain. When it’s not there you turn into a mountain that no one can move. It’s amazing that it takes me days to do something I did in a couple of hours before. What would world look like if motivation (and its counterpart) didn’t exist?

Timeline: 1984 – find me!

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  1. Vooraan eerste rij,2de van rechts. Met de korte sokjes.

    zou ik zeggen....


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