Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Men and decisions

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And now about that brilliant piece of Soviet cinema: if you watched the fragment, you’ve seen this. At a certain point the man says: “As for the decisions in this house, I’ll be making them. For the simple reason that I’m the man here.” A friend said this to me yesterday (he also sent me the link) and I got quite angry with him. Because I am very well capable of making decisions and actually prefer to make decisions myself. I called him macho and got into a discussion with him (actually I was talking and he was not stopping me). And while talking I have discovered that even though I have no problems making decisions, I do like to have a man around who takes responsibility without any discussion and makes all necessary decisions. I seem to contradict myself! Is it because I was raised in a culture where men are supposed to earn the money and make all the decisions? Or is it because I am a woman and every woman (even an emancipated one) needs a man to lean on when difficult decisions have to be made?

A piece of news: 25% of Dutch women think they look nice and sexy. I asked one man how many women on the streets he thinks look nice and sexy. He confessed he liked about one quarter, which is 25%. ;)

By the way, I think “a grown-up man” is a contradictio in terminis.

Timeline: 1980, as Ukrainian as it’s going to get.


  1. So when will you write about John?

  2. I won't tell you! Keep on reading and you will see a post about john eventually ;)


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