Monday, 27 July 2009

Wonderful life

Crying, screaming and running children. Cars and bicycles all over the place to make sure you cannot pass. People everywhere. People are the most annoying part (children don’t count). Even if they don’t do anything. Even if the don’t even look at you. Even if they don’t move and their eyes are closed. The music at cafés is too loud. Every place is taken. People! Your feet are yet to get used to not being clean. The legs of your trousers are wet. You’re a little dizzy because of all the sounds, colours and people. Sun, fresh air, warm sand, cool water and light breeze. Stop! Wrong! Just take a minute, breathe in and out. Children are happy and playful. Cars and bicycles are all left behind. People are relaxed and lazy. Feel the warmth of the soft sand. Roll up your trousers and go to the water. It’s soft and cool. Feel the salt of the little drops on your lips. Look over the water. Look as far as you can. See? There is enough space for everyone. People are not at all that annoying when you are on the same wave. Look for a place in a café, relax in a soft chair (or on a sofa if you’re lucky), enjoy your drink… and your life. It’s wonderful!

Still happy after last night’s salsa. I felt so beautiful! Need to learn bachata – way too romantic and sexy to skip!

Spanish Girl - Bachata - Jose Manuel Mejorado

Timeline: 1985 – Mikhail Gorbachev is the new head of state. Glasnost, perestroika, uskorenie – the three new words that will be present in our lives in the coming years. It’s a very exciting time. I’m old enough to understand that our life is changing. No one around me is old and wise enough to predict where this all is heading.


  1. Ik kan je de bachata's van Zacharias Ferreira en Juan Luis Guerra ook aanbevelen :-)

  2. Ken je ook een plek waar ze het draaien? Gaan we daar ook heen?


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