Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Apparently 1 out of 100 people get schizophrenic. One out of hundred! It’s 1%. This would mean that 2 of my 215 LinkedIn contacts are schizophrenic. Why do we call it a disorder if so many people have it? I wonder what percentage of the population is gay. We don’t consider that to be a disorder. At least here in the Netherlands we don’t. In Ukraine they sometimes hold street protests against gays. I think I will organise a protest against headaches. Or against unwanted hair. Or against stupid people. But back to our sheep: apparently people can die of the medications they receive against schizophrenia! What's the point? Schizophrenia often manifests itself when person is between 15 and 30 years old. Good news for me again?

Erik Sumo - Friday I'll Be Dead

I have an impression that WizzAir is being run by a bunch of pregnant women. How else would you explain these enormous changes in prices? Why would the price of the flight tickets Dortmund – Kiev – Dortmund go in two weeks from €79,99 + €79,99 to €79,99 + €99,99 to €99,99 + €129,99 to €99,99 + 149,99 to €79,99 + €59,99?

I am loaded with work and guilt because I cannot spend as much time with my parents as I should or would want to.

Timeline: winter 1981 – each year at school we had a New Year carnival. My mother made the most original carnival costumes. This is the “Night”. I was the only girl in black among all those white “snowflakes”.

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