Monday, 13 July 2009


Just a few hours left for you to stroke my ego and vote in my poll!!! The poll is on the right side of this blog and if you’ve seen it already, but haven’t voted yet then you are either lazy or very lazy!

“My nipples show through a little. Jaap wouldn’t let me go on the street like this.” - “Maybe, but he doesn’t have a say in it anymore. Besides, how are you going to attract the new one?” My mother has always been a very pragmatic woman. I couldn’t resist her arguments and bought the singlet. :D I wonder how people manage to go shopping, spend hours and end up with three little baggies. When I go shopping, I come back heavily loaded. When I go shopping with my mother our bags, feet and heads are very heavy. Only the wallets are light.

I feel a little uncomfortable because I didn't dance yesterday or today. I am so used to this weekly extra salsa shot. But now my parents are here and Remie is dancing days away in Spain – no extra salsa for me. Pfff, life of an addict is not easy!

My new music discovery (Спасибо!) – Nino Katamadze:

Timeline: 1981 – My grandmother has borrowed a school Букварь (alphabet book) for me so I would be well prepared for school. I could read since I was three, so I started somewhere in the middle of the book (with larger texts) and finished it in a couple of weeks (just a couple of texts a day). I still don’t understand why we did this. When I went to school, I received exactly the same book and we started right from the start: Аа, Уу, Мм; ау, уа, мама…

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