Friday, 17 July 2009


I have this little rubber mat (10cm x 23cm) with loads of very little nails. The nails are 3mm long and the mat looks very intimidating because you might think the nails go right through your skin if you press the mat against your body. But in fact it doesn’t even hurt when you press it into your skin. Of course the nails are made of metal and are sharp enough to damage your skin if you do wild things. I usually put it on my neck and shoulders against headaches. Too bad I cannot use it in bath. That way I could relax and stimulate the blood flow. I am afraid the nails will rust in water. This mat is also very good for treating sore muscles. I had a little headache so I used it tonight. And suddenly I’ve realised how stimulating those little nails are. Hmmm, I get ideas…
I am all about guitar music lately:

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Timeline: 1982 – when Brezhnev had died we did not have lessons, but went to the cinema to see a (serious) movie. Afterwards we sat in a big room in front of a TV to watch the funeral. We were sitting in the front because we were small. I was very impressed by the minute of mourning when all the cars on the streets and all the factories gave a minute long signal. Our teacher had opened a window, so we could hear that. It sounds rather pathetic now, but then it really gave me a feeling of belonging to something great, where we are all one. It was a great feeling!

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