Thursday, 16 July 2009

Papers and numbers

I have a love-hate relationship with my administration. I hate to do it. I mean, I never look forward to doing it. But then the time comes when I have to. And I start sorting out all the bills and invoices. And at that point something happens. Somehow my hate turns into love and I really enjoy the order I create in my folders. Until most of the papers are sorted out. That’s when hate comes in again, because I hate all those small things that need to be corrected when the main work is done. Once you’ve fixed one little thing, another mistake emerges. So I spend some time in the hate zone until all the mistakes are corrected and details fixed. And then I start loving it again! Because it’s over! I’ve dumped my administration at my accountant’s office today. Feels good!

Eye candy: I loved Spanish balconies. Every house in Spain has at least one balcony. I’ve made dozens of photos depicting balconies.

Timeline: 1982 – after lessons I stayed at school till 19:00 when my mother came to pick me up. We had a meal after the lessons, then we went to play outside and then we did our homework. I liked everything except for the meals.

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