Sunday, 19 July 2009

Haagse markt

“The market is closed on Sundays, that’s easy. And then you have to remember two t’s – Tuesday and Thursday – the two other days when the market is closed.” I like the Haagse Markt. It’s always there. It’s not a weekly event, it’s a place. It’s huge! The two things that are big enough for me here in The Hague – the Haagse Markt and the sea. It has everything. Why don’t I ever buy clothes on the market? I should try. It’s busy and noisy. It’s colourful. I am never a stranger here. I like the guy who sells hahal meat. I like the boys selling olives (olives, cheese and fresh mint – always on my grocery list when I go to the market). I like small cucumbers. I like Turkish paprika. I like buying a lot and spending so little. The only thing I don’t like is the heavy weight. I went to the market with my father today. He said it looked a lot like a market in Israel. :)

What a song!

Dire Straits - Follow Me Home

Timeline: 1983 – an American girl Samantha Smith sent a letter to Andropov asking whether or not he is going to start a war against USA. The letter was published in Pravda. And later she came to the USSR for a two-week visit. There was a lot of fuss about her visit and she was all over the news for quite some time. All of a sudden they were talking about a little girl (just like me) on the news.

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